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Welcome to A-curo

A Curo is a web-based logistics platform focused on supply chain management (SCM). The IT platform consists of several software modules, which facilitate and automate the management of all your logistic activities.

The different software modules, which can communicate with each other, are:
• Inventory Module
• Transport Module
• Tracking and tracing module
• Purchasing Module

Below you see some projects which are managed on a daily basis, by using (a combination of) the above modules:
• Collection and return logistics for defective and repaired electronics equipment in the Benelux market, commissioned by one of the world's largest and brand-independent repair centers.
• “Multibrand reverse logistics”: A reverse logistic platform, for the collection of defective products for all brands. A-curo then regroups per brand, and dispatches to the brand-authorized repair centers. After repair of the product, the reverse chain is followed.
• Inter-company logistics: pickups and deliveries between different locations of the same company. An example of application; bring products from one sales outlet to another, in order to guarantee an optimal geographical availability of these products.
• Central warehousing and distribution of new products, delivering new products to shops and business customers, eventually combined with returns of defective products, or returned products in general.

All this is done through an advanced IT integration between all actors in your supply chain: manufacturers, distributors, stores, transport companies, repair centers and call centers. Following principles constitute the basis of this IT platform:
• Web-based IT platform, available for everyone, immediately.
• Users of the system have licenses that allow them to manage only those functions which are assigned to them, and to see only that information to which they are authorized.
• Communication between participants is managed by centralizing all documents, airway bills, emails, SMS messages, using the same web-based platform.
• Automation of administrative tasks, such as generating picking lists, packing slips, airway bills, and automated communication to transport companies for transport instructions.

In general, the role of A-Curo can be summarized as follows:
• Reduction of logistic costs
• Reduction of the quantity of shipments
• Simplification of your administration
• Automation of operational tasks
• Positive influence on your ecological footprint

If you wish to participate in our project "multibrand reverse logistics", please click on the CONTACT tab that you find in the top menu. After your registration, your username and password will be communicated to you.

Do you want to know more about our other projects, about our software platform, or about what we can do for your supply chain, please send us an e-mail at We will then be in touch with you as soon as possible, for further information or appointments.